Expert committee

Here talks are taking place about problems and subjects of the department. Frequently finance, doctorates, the future and goal of the department, news from research and collaboration with other universities or companies are in the discussion. Proposals from the study commission are brought here to the resolution. Here you are represented by two members of the FSR.

The current delegation is:

  • Maja Moch
  • Andreas Baier

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Faculty council

The faculty council is the first quorum body of the faculty headed by the dean. This council is responsible for matters concerning teaching and research as well as appointment procedures, doctoral procedures and study coordination. Also financial matters and equality in daily student life are discussed. One student representative each is elected by the student body. Obligatory is a monthly meeting date.

Current representative of our department are:

  • Jonas Jäckel
  • Tim Deutschmann

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Examination board

To ensure the legality of the examinations and compliance with the examination regulations, there is the Examination Board. The examination board consists of professors, university staff and one student representative each for Bachelor and diploma. For disputes in exam matters, this committee is the most important body. To the examination board you have to address complaints and problems like:

  • the recognition of examinations
  • the setting of grades
  • apply for admission to the second re-examination
The chairman of the examination board signs the certificate.

Current representative of our department are:

  • Thilo Buchien
  • Jonas Schmidt
  • Aaron Semmling

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Study commission

This committee, which is composed of equal numbers of staff members and students, advises on study and examination regulations, general matters of study, teaching evaluations and has advisory functions to the faculty council. Students who are not members of the Student Council can also take part here.

The current delegation is given here.

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The senate is the highest body of the university with student participation and elects together with the enlarged senate the rector. Otherwise, the Senate mainly takes a stand on the rulings of the Rectorate and considers the orientation of the university. Only 4 students are elected to the Senate, which is why it is a nice feature that one of the senators was from the field of hydro science in the legislature 2016/17.

Student Organisation

... is the representation of student interests at the TU, but there you look better on the StuRa-page. There sits at least one representative from each of the 14 student councils.

Current representative of our department is:

  • Simeon Wenkel-Grünberg